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How does coaching help me?

Here's five ways life coaching will help you! You'll create...

#1 - A concrete vision of your future.

It's not the life you've convinced yourself you're destined to follow. It's imagining, creating & manifesting the future you dream of living.

#2 - Lots & lots of checkmarks!

You'll set goals, develop plans, & take action. Pull out a big fat red sharpie & get ready to check-off your goals because that's what you'll be doing - over & over again. And girl - won't that feel good!

#3 - Space to dream - without judgment.

Friends & family are great - but sometimes they're not the most open-minded supporters of your dreams. With a coach (me!) you'll throw on that Wonder Woman cape & soar to heights you never thought possible. Hey! Look down there! All your doubts & fears seem so tiny now.

#4 - Tons of YOU time.

How quickly does your calendar fill-up with events for work, friends, family, & mundane activities like donating items to Goodwill, picking up a widget from Lowe's, or going to the dry cleaner? It happens faster than it takes to shake & serve a cosmo. Coaching asks you to become the top priority in your calendar. You'll have to practice telling people "Darn it - already booked. I'm working on my AWESOMENESS."

#5 - A huge sense of satisfaction.

Frustration, what? You'll find that word dropped from your vocabulary! Because - let's face it - a happy, confident, successful, & focused woman commands respect & attention. And dammit - that feels fantastic!

How much is this going to cost?

Your intro call with me is always free. Nada, nothing, a fat $0!

Making the decision to hire a life coach is a big deal! So - before you hand over your hard-earned money (hell to the yes it is!) - I want to make sure you're comfortable with our rapport & you feel at ease with my interaction style. It's me saying Thank You for your time & consideration of me as your coach

Once you've decided to move forward with me, you'll receive nine 50-minute coaching sessions over three consecutive months. We'll map out a schedule & you'll choose the timing that's right for you - both day of the week & time of day. This first-time comprehensive coaching package is yours by paying three installments of $475/month or select a one-time discounted payment of $1280.

At the end of three months - when you're kicking @ss (yass!) - we'll discuss if additional coaching sessions are needed. Packages are available on a monthly basis & range from $290 - $575 based on the number of sessions.

Where does coaching take place?

Wherever you're most comfortable!

Sessions are held over the phone or via voice chat (think Skype, Zoom, or Hangouts). It's important for you to be somewhere you feel safe, relaxed, & free to chat without distraction or judgment from others. So meeting at the local Starbucks - where you're bound to bump into the nosey neighbor - isn't a place to discuss your dreams & goals. Of course - this means we can chat while you're cozied up in your favorite lounge pants, with your hair in a messy bun, & zero makeup.

(did I just hear a woo hoo?) 

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