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I'm on a mission to help 100,000 individuals claim the life they've secretly desired—but never thought they could have!
Learn how the Red Marker MomentTM can help you Pivot with Passion—and turn something "fine" into something phenomenal!


Hi! I'm Penny.

How's life? Just "FINE?"

Looks like you got here just in time!

I'm an award-winning speaker, author, and your biggest fan. I’m passionate about helping you get unstuck, turn challenges into astonishing opportunities, and create a life you sip, savor, and celebrate...just like your favorite craft cocktail.

I’ve felt the sting of corporate downsizing three times and received a surprise breast cancer diagnosis smack in the middle of an outstandingly normal life—I get it; life is full of challenges. But, I’ve learned that we get to choose our path forward every day—and life can be at its most exciting and delicious when we shake things up and choose ourselves.

It's time to embrace your Red Marker Moment!

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