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When's the last time someone said that to you?
When's the last time you believed it?

Sounds like you got here just in time.

You've got this!

When's the last time someone said that to you? 
When's the last time you believed it? 
Sounds like you got here just in time.

Hi! I'm Penny, your life coach.


But think of me as your personal Olympic-level optimist (and your biggest fan). I’m passionate about helping you get unstuck, turn challenges into astonishing opportunities, and create a life you want to sip, savor, and celebrate...just like your favorite craft cocktail.

I’ve navigated some pretty tough stuff, from feeling the sting of corporate downsizing three separate times to getting a surprise breast cancer diagnosis smack in the middle of what I thought would be an outstandingly normal life. What I’ve learned along the way is that there’s an adventure in every dead-end situation—and that life can be at its most delicious when we embrace the flaws and the awesomeness together into one big, “flawsome” package.

Let’s find your unique recipe for success together!

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Every Dream Starts with a First Step!

Let’s create a life that excites you, together.
Finally gain the Momentum you’ve been searching for.

What if you were able to face life with unshakeable confidence and excitement about what lies ahead—even in the face of uncertainty? Momentum is your chance to set personalized goals with my one-on-one help. Together we'll develop a custom action plan to create the vibrant, delectable life you crave.

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Find your Spark again.

Imagine you had the insight to select and reach the next goal that was meaningful to you. Now imagine discovering that path during a two-hour intensive experience with me (and walking away excited to immediately shake and savor your next recipe for success).

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Learn how I got a free boob job!

...but trust me, this isn’t the kind of boob job you want! Read my breast cancer story to see how I navigated my life-changing adventure and embraced my new, perfectly flawsome life.

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Grab some (or all) of my free resources!

Your time is precious, so these resources are designed to go at whatever pace you choose! You’ll find my quick guide to boosting happiness, learn to spark joy in 17 surprising ways, and get inspired on the regular with my weekly email insights.

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The life ahead of you can be so much more.

No matter how stuck you feel, let's turn challenges into opportunities!
Live a Life of

Have you found traditional success, only to realize it’s not what you hoped? It’s not too late to reconnect with those dreams you had for yourself and create a life full of joy and purpose.

Embrace Change with Confidence

Learn to make change your new BFF! It’s the difference between the life you have and the one you secretly desire. We’ll turn your “impossible” challenge into a confident vision.

Find Your “Red Marker Moment”

The day I gave myself permission to choose myself first, I suddenly uncovered a brighter future—let’s find YOUR “red marker moment” together.

I consider myself a very self-reflective person, but I was amazed by the transformation I experienced working with Penny.

She helped me understand how my thoughts and actions were stunting my progress and desire to move forward. Through Penny’s coaching process, I’m now more productive, focused, and addicted to the energy I receive from accomplishing my goals. I walked away with game-changing tools I’ll use for years to come that will continue to inspire, motivate, and support my growth and success.

Mary F.
Artist & Entrepreneur

I used to lack purpose, often felt sluggish, and would focus on things I couldn’t control.

After working one-on-one with Penny, I now look forward to each day knowing I’m in control of creating opportunities for growth and success. Penny’s positive energy combined with her clear and insightful coaching process was the catalyst I needed to implement change. I’m excited about my future, have found my purpose, and have a plan for my life that’s full of hope and happiness.

Farah F.
Senior Business Analyst

Get inspiration on the go!

Receive insights on creating a life that excites you—straight from me!

I believe in you, friend!

Now, it’s time to believe in yourself.


Book your free consultation call with me to get actionable insights you can use immediately and learn how, together, we can start creating a life you absolutely love.

Remember: You’ve got this!

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