What if in three months you created a life you love, instead of just accepting the life you have?


My friend, it's time to shake things up, uncover new choices, and turn your challenges into an adventure worth living!

I'm Penny, and I'm YOUR Transformation Coach.

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Mary F., Detroit // Artist & Entrepreneur

"I consider myself a very self-reflective person, but I was amazed by the transformation I experienced working with Penny. She helped me understand how my thoughts and actions were stunting my progress and desire to move forward.

Through Penny’s intuitive coaching process, I’m now more productive, focused, and addicted to the energy I receive from accomplishing my goals.

I walked away with game-changing tools I’ll use for years to come that will continue to inspire, motivate, and support my growth and success. Kudos to you, Penny, and a huge THANK YOU for taking me on as a client!”

Mary F., Detroit // Artist & Entrepreneur


How can you work with Penny?

With two options, there's one perfect for you!

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Farah F., Ohio // Senior Business Analyst

"I used to lack purpose, often felt sluggish, and would focus on things I couldn’t control. After working one-on-one with Penny, I now look forward to each day knowing I’m in control of creating opportunities for growth and success.

Penny’s positive energy combined with her clear and insightful coaching process was the catalyst I needed to implement change.

I’m excited about my future, have found my purpose, and have a plan for my life that’s full of hope and happiness.

Farah F., Ohio // Senior Business Analyst


Experience these powerful results for yourself.

Journal featuring Today is the Day cover

Take Action

It's time to accomplish.

There's no perfect time to start. You’ve been ready for a while – & “Today Is The Day!” You’re capable, smart, & are ready to make a change. Go grab a big red sharpie & check-off your goals - one-by-one. Look at YOU, Overachiever!

Black & Ivory Fabric featuring a What If? enamel pin

Overcome Obstacles

Doubts & fears - be gone.

Nothing will stand between you & your dreams! You’ll uncover limiting beliefs & eliminate “If Only” & “Someday” from your vocabulary. Then we’ll ask, “What If?” to help clarify your goals & aspirations. Watch out world!

Sunglasses, a large brim hat, a passport holder, and a map of the world

Radiate Confidence

Stand out & be noticed.

When you're happy, successful, & confident - you command respect & attention. So when your friends ask, "Something's changed. New hair color?" You can respond, "Nope. But I'm lovin' life! I hired Penny - Best.Decision.Ever."

Explore coaching options & pick the best one for you!

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Are you...

trying to find your purpose?

looking to radiate confidence?

not sure where to start, but ready to take action?

One decision stands between where you are & where you want to be!

Partner with Penny

Farah F., Ohio // Senior Business Analyst

"Upon completing the last module in Spark, I sat back and felt an immediate wave of relief. I hadn’t realized how much I was overthinking my goals - causing me stress, anxiety, and confusion.

The videos and workbook were both easy to understand, simple to follow, and kept me focused and engaged. Just one day after finishing the course, I completed the first action step for my primary goal.

I’m moving forward with increased confidence, singular purpose, and deliberate direction.

 I’m excited about my future!

Marla B., Ohio // Receptionist

SPARK Client

Penny inspires & helps women embrace their strengths, find their happy, & get excited about their future! Your time to start, is now.

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