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Penny's Bio—shaken, not stirred

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Penny is a keynote speaker, author of How To Get A Free Boob Job, and hosts the Pivot with Passion podcast.

After enduring numerous life-altering events—including a breast cancer diagnosis—and more than 20 years of navigating the rollercoaster that is corporate America, Penny realized that the “fine” life she created wasn’t good enough. She picked up a red marker, declared now was her time to pivot, and set out to create a bold and exciting future.

Today, she’s passionate about sharing her Red Marker Moment philosophy because—regardless of where you’ve been, where you’re at, or where you’re headed—you’re one choice away from a phenomenal life.

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Penny Casselman is a keynote speaker, podcast host, and Author whose mission is to empower individuals to claim a Red Marker Moment so they can release their grip on “fine,” ignite a Pivot with Passion mindset, and create the phenomenal future they deserve.

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