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Penny Casselman is a mindset expert, coach, and author of the book How to Get a Free Boob Job.  She’s funny, sincere, and loves discussing topics related to cultivating confidence, personal productivity, and embracing celebration.

When she’s not inspiring and coaching humans to create their recipe for a delicious, delightful, and decadent life, you’ll find her planning her next DIY project and gathering ingredients to shake and savor a new craft cocktail.

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Penny Casselman is a coach, author, and mindset expert. As a breast cancer survivor and former corporate executive who weathered three unexpected downsizings, she knows circumstances can change instantly. She's passionate about her work because she knows it shouldn't take a life-changing event to DIY a life filled with inspiration and confidence, all garnished with vast amounts of success.

Penny spent over 20 years with both Fortune 500 companies and start-up ventures. After developing an ulcer, she walked away from corporate America's unrelenting stress and began her entrepreneurial journey. One year later, Penny received a breast cancer diagnosis and spent the next two years focused only on her health.

In October 2020, Casselman published her memoir How To Get A Free Boob Job. With heaping scoops of gratitude, all covered with sprinkles of humor, she brings you along on her adventure of a lifetime as she navigates a genetic breast cancer diagnosis. 

Casselman lives in a 100-year-old Tudor home in Ohio. When she's not mixing it up with clients, you’ll find her planning her next DIY project and gathering ingredients to shake and savor a new craft cocktail.

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