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Life coach, speaker, and podcast personality…yep, I do it all! I love sharing my story and inspiring others to create their personal recipes for happiness and step into a life that excites.

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Penny Casselman, MBA, is a certified life coach who helps professional women reimagine their lives. Her clients have learned to rebuild their confidence, land their dream job, create an exciting life in a new city, and more.

Penny brings over two decades of professional experience navigating corporate America to her clients. After surviving and thriving beyond a genetically driven breast cancer diagnosis, she’s passionate about helping her clients evolve because they shouldn’t wait for a life-changing event to create a life that excites.

Penny’s expertise has been featured in Authority Magazine, Thrive Global, and she’s appeared on The Courage Wolf, Also in Pink, and The Fearless & Successful podcasts. She’s also the author of an inspirational and humorous memoir, How To Get A Free Boob Job (Balboa Press).

When she’s not laser-focused on her clients, you’ll find her kicking back by gathering ingredients to shake and savor the latest craft cocktail.



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