Stop accepting the life you have, just because it’s there.
Let’s work together to create a life that excites you!

Life's too short to settle for "fine."

Stop accepting the life you have, just because it’s there.
Let’s work together to create a life you love!
How many times have you asked yourself lately: “What do I really want out of life…” only to wake up a day, a month, a year later in the exact same spot you started? My friend, it’s time to explore new ways of thinking, planning and acting. We’ll create a unique, delightful, and delicious recipe for success, completely customized for YOU!
  • Identify what’s keeping you stuck so you can release your grip on “fine” and grab hold of “fantastic!”
  • Reignite your inner sparkle
  • Create your own signature version of success
  • Embrace your perfectly imperfect, “flawsome” life
  • Learn to confidently face challenges head-on…and have fun doing it!

Choose the Adventure that's Right for You! 

Growth - Group Coaching with Penny Casselman


Bite-sized and self-paced, this on-demand video course provides you with a foundation from which you can uncover, plan, execute, and celebrate reaching your goal!

What You Get:
  • Immediate access to your Amazing Life materials
  • 6 watch-whenever-you-want-FOREVER videos full of guidance and decision-making tools:

Module 1: Uncover & Clarify

Module 2: Select & Refine

Module 3: Plan & Execute

  • Audio versions of each video so your coaching goes wherever you do! 
  •  A downloadable workbook that compliments the videos and guides you to massive success!

Your investment in yourself:


Ready to get “unstuck,” feel hopeful, and move forward with deliberate direction?

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Online Course - Activate an Amazing Life with Penny Casselman


A two-hour intensive that you can revisit again and again—learn quick strategies to implement change immediately and map out a personal action plan to conquer your goals.

What You Get:
  • A two-hour Zoom session focused completely on you
  • A yours-forever replay of our session that you can revisit any time you need inspiration
  • Your personal action plan specifically designed to get you from where you are to where you want to be

Your investment in yourself:


Want to feel focused and ready to take action with a clear path ahead?

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Momentum - One-on-One Coaching with Penny Casselman


Three months working one-on-one with me to uncover happiness, redefine success, and equip you to pursue meaningful goals even after the program has ended!

What You Get:
  • 7 hour-long Zoom coaching sessions full of deep thought-provoking questions, and reflective exercises that move you to courageously bold action.
  • Voice messaging support via Voxer outside of our regular sessions to address challenges as they arise
  • Fully customized support and feedback to turn your individual journey, with all of its perceived obstacles, into a yellow brick road of opportunity!
  • A personal action plan tailored to your goals

Your investment in yourself:


Ready to embrace new habits and discover your individual recipe for success? 

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“Penny’s positive energy, combined with her clear and insightful coaching process, was the catalyst I needed to implement change.”

—Farah F, Momentum Client

Wondering which option works best for you?

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