Hi, I'm Penny. 

  • Life coach
  • Olympic-level optimist
  • Motivational speaker
  • Craft cocktail enthusiast
  • Author of How to Get a Free Boob Job

I’m called to create a world where everyone can discover and create their recipe for success—no matter what life throws their way! I have a burning passion for clients who are ready to move beyond simply accepting the "fine" life they have by guiding them as they uncover choices that turn their so-called challenges into astonishing opportunities. 

The result? Women who are finally “unstuck,” living their lives with more ease, confidence, and excitement.

That could be you!

Here's a little bit about what I do:

My original course and personal consultations bolster women like you
to uncover and embrace the confidence you need to identify fearless goals
and go for them like the superstar you are.

Whether you’re reeling from unexpected, life-changing events or
desperately seeking joy in the life you were TOLD would make you happy…

We’re going to cook up a brand new happiness recipe from scratch that’s
completely unique to you. And it’s not a one-time deal—you’ll walk away
feeling like the boss you are and equipped with lifelong strategies to support
a life you adore.

A life where you no longer need to fear setbacks or hide flaws,
but can confidently evolve with eyes wide open and proudly proclaim your “flawsome” self to the world!

Wanna know more?

This is an About Me page, after all...

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I'm a firm believe that everything has a place

…and sometimes, that place is Goodwill. I don’t believe in hanging on to things that aren’t serving us well, “just because.” I’d much rather spend my time and energy on things that help us blossom and thrive.

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Today, I get to choose and evolve

I embrace the idea that we choose our reactions to every. single. situation. To think otherwise would would be to surrender your power and live a life of frustration and blame. And that’s no way to live.

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I learned risk-taking late in life

In fact, most of my life I’ve played it safe. A rule-follower to my core, I skipped rebelling altogether as a teen, getting my BA in psychology from a top university and an MBA shortly afterward. 

Now I shoot for the stars and help my clients do the same—but I’m fortunate to have those degrees!

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I'm a sucker for inspirational quotes

Some of my faves?

Everything is figureoutable.

—Marie Forleo

Feed fear a suck-it sandwich.

—Jen Sincero

There is always LIGHT. If only we're brave enough to SEE IT. If only we're brave enough to BE IT.

—Amanda Gorman

That's me in a shot glass, but here's what you really need to know:

Every day I work to inspire and help as many women as I can who are just like you. 

More than anything, I want you to walk away from our interactions feeling brave, empowered, valued, and full of excitement—ready to shake things up and make your dreams a reality!

Ready to set goals with confidence and go for them?


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