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Cleveland, OH

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Hi there!

Lost a parent as a child?

(at age 8)

Worked full-time while simultaneously

pursuing an advanced degree?

(three years straight - MBA)

Married then divorced?

(before forty)

Downsized from Corporate America?

(three times!)

Diagnosed with Cancer?

(courtesy of BRCA - a cancer gene)

Disenfranchised with life?

(more times than I can count!)

Yep. Been there - done that.

                                        (holy sh*t that's a lot!)

Growing up I thought I had figured out how to be successful. Get good grades. Be active. Have great friends. Go to college. Secure a job. Find a husband. Get married. Earn a masters. Buy a house. Work hard. Retire. Live happily ever after.


You can see that wasn't exactly my path. 

Side excursions along the way included finding yoga (namaste), harnessing the power of gratitude (I am grateful for...), becoming certified as a level 2 Reiki practitioner (chakras!), & reconnecting with my creative side through painting (happy tree).

Even though things didn't work out as predicted - every life event helped to shape the person I am today. 

Like me, you've been through a lot too!

I'm here to show you - you can choose to kick @ss regardless of where you've been. 

Twenty + years spent climbing the corporate ladder allowed me to hone my coaching skills while leading teams and mentoring staff. After up and quitting my last corporate gig - because I was being treated for an ulcer due to stress - I decided I needed some time off to focus on me. It was then I thought enough was enough!  The time had come to voyage out on my own.


In 2013 I became a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) - through the Center for Coaching Certification. Armed with new perspectives & practical applications I knew I could achieve anything I set my mind to - & help others do the same! This confidence inspired me to start my own coaching business and has now connected you to me. (hello & welcome!)

Life is short & can change in an instant. (don't I know it!)  So let's chat. I'm ready & waiting to help you kick @ss - regardless of where you are or where you've been - to create a life you love. And I'm not talking about the kind of love you have for caramel sea-salt ice-cream. I'm talking about the kind of love & passion that - when flying first-class on your vacation to Italy  - have you jumping out of your seat declaring at the top of your lungs "I LOVE my AWESOME life!"

My core beliefs

Everyone is on their own journey.

Even if we happen to arrive at the same destination - your path looks nothing like mine. (thank goodness! <wink>)

Life is what you make of it. (so dream BIG!)

Enough about me - let's talk about you.

It's time to put you first & 

choose a future filled with awesome!