Award-winning speaker, podcast personality, and craft cocktail enthusiast…yep, I do it all!
I'm passionate about empowering others to evolve their thoughts and behaviors to create an exciting future—because we always have a choice in how our life evolves!

Six reasons to work with Penny

The number one
Virtual or In-Person

When it comes to delivering the goods, flexibility is key. Penny is ready to deliver whether your event is in-real-life or managed through a screen.

The number two

Hiring a speaker should be easy & worry-free. Penny can guide you to the right program, format, and pricing for your group or organization.

The number three

Motivation doesn’t last, but concrete actions do. Penny provides materials that attendees can reference and implement long after the presentation.

The number four

Strategies and frameworks rely on people taking action. Audience members walk away with a permission slip to do just that in pursuing their purpose.

The number five

Celebrity speakers can often feel unrelatable. Penny’s real-life experience and down-to-earth personality help audience members see themselves in her story.

The number six

Like the best commercials during the big game, your attendees will recall concepts with clarity long after Penny leaves the stage.


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It's time to stop settling for "fine"—and Pivot with Passion


When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Could it be that simple?        

Watch as Penny shares one of her core tenants inside a Red Marker Moment.

(approx. 6 min)



Watch Penny's award-winning talk from the Speaker SlamTM competition—featuring the theme "IMPACT."

(approx. 5 min)



My first home is on stage.
My second is having a cozy chat with an engaging podcast host inside your earbuds!


I've got a lot to share, from my breast cancer journey to sharing my Red Marker MomentTM and Pivot with PassionTM philosophy. It's time to lean in and listen!

Also in Pink Podcast Logo

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The Breast Cancer Heroes Journey Podcast Logo

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The Breast Cancer Heroes Journey Podcast Logo

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The Breast Cancer Heroes Journey Podcast Logo

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Learn more about working with Penny

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