How to make your own luck



Luck is the residue of design.

~ Branch Rickey





If you’re Irish, know someone who is, or simply a massive fan of St. Patrick’s Day, like me, you probably uttered that numerous times yesterday! If ever there was a year urging us to raise a glass and toast to health, 2021 is that year!


Yesterday I donned green socks, shamrock earrings, a novelty headband with a ‘#lucky’ motif across the top, and a t-shirt sporting a rainbow made of gold sequins featuring lettering that read, “I make my own luck.” 


I was a walking mashup compiled from years of picking up finds from various discount stores. I looked hilarious. I felt fabulous!


Just like my outfit took some effort to create, so, too, does luck. 


Nothing appears after just thinking about it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge believer in “thoughts become things,” but I know thoughts only become things when design and action are involved.


  • You don’t win the lottery by thinking about it; you have to buy a ticket.


  • You don’t land a new job with thoughts; you land one with thoughts in combination with focus and perseverance.


  • You don’t leap out of bed with excitement every day by holding on to dreams; you’ve got to combine those dreams with desire and action.


Holding on to thoughts and mixing them with action, accountability, and belief and you’ll have a pot of gold even the most seasoned leprechaun will covet.


Sláinte, to YOU!


What single action can you take today that moves you one step closer to your dream?


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