Struggle with choices? Embrace this one truth.

When faced with any choice, you've got two options.
Find-a-Way or Find-an-Excuse.
That's it. Easy peasy, right?
Don't you feel better already? I just distilled down every choice you'll face into something so black & white you'll wonder what to do with all your free time. You're welcome.
Before I go further - I recently had to embrace this concept myself. I'm in the process of writing a book. My target date for publication was February 2020 - a self-imposed deadline, but one I was confident I could deliver. The last six months, however, proved me wrong.  I would find any reason not to write. Here are just a few I'm most proud of:
  • It's almost Thanksgiving.
  • I have to go Christmas shopping.
  • I've got New Year's Plans.
  • I need to work on my website design.
  • I'm not feeling it today.
And it's not as if I lacked content. I'm writing a memoir - everything I need is already inside my head.
Suddenly I felt like a student in Charlie Brown's class - all I heard coming out of my head was "wah wah wah - wah wah - wah wah." Are you kidding me? I got good at creating reasons I couldn't work on my book - when, in fact - wait for it - they were nothing but excuses! Wah Wah Wah, indeed!
A few weeks ago, I had to have a heart-to-heart with myself and sit with all the swirling thoughts in my head. I owned up to my reasons, saw them for what there were - excuses - and put a plan in place to get back on track! From here on out it's about finding a way - NOT finding an excuse.
You've heard of the "Fight-or-Flight" response your physical body evokes to keep you safe. Well, your mind has a similar mechanism to help keep you safe - the "Find-an-Excuse" response. This latter response also has you chillin' out in your comfort zone - where nothing happens that's exciting, expansive, new, or noteworthy. Nap worthy, for sure.
Wait; what? But, Penny - there are so many things to consider when faced with choices!
Yes, indeed, there are! HOWEVER, If you can't ultimately choose between those two options, "Find-a-Way or Find-an-Excuse", then you don't have a choice or a decision to make.
Perhaps you've uttered, "I don't have enough (insert noun of choice here)."
Some examples might be time, money, resources, skills, knowledge, support, or credentials. Wah, Wah, Wah. Regardless of what noun you inserted, it's an excuse.
Here's a truth I know about you - You're smart, capable, & able to achieve anything you set your mind to - if it's something you want. That last part is crucial - IF YOU WANT "THE THING." And by "THE THING" I'm talking about buying the new car, moving into a new career, writing that book of yours, establishing a solid morning routine, starting your own business, creating a better relationship with your brother, taking a trip around the world, you get it - your "THING" is endless.
Once you embrace this idea of "Find-a-Way"- Ooh, la, la - I can see the fire in your eyes! Those thoughts of "I got this - I'm unstoppable - No more excuses!" are ready to take you to new heights. Huge congrats!
There is this one additional option you can embrace - the choice to let go. Just walk away from doing, exploring, or making "THE THING" you had convinced yourself you wanted or needed. Look, if you keep making excuses it may be the universe's way of pointing you in another direction. It takes thought, effort, and time to come up with excuses - why not use that energy to pursue the thing that lights you up, gets you giddy, puts a pep in your step, and runs circles in your mind all day! How exciting!
Lastly, my friend - Be patient. Seriously. Embracing the "Find-a-Way or Find-an-Excuse" is empowering - but it also might mean you've got weeks or even months before all your decisions begin to pay-off. Always remember, you're so worth every inch of effort!
I promise - if you want "THE THING", you stay the course, and embrace "Find-a-Way" - there's nothing that will stop you from becoming a powerhouse of achievement.
If you're ready - comment below with the excuse you're kicking to the curb to make way for your "THING" to become a reality! I'm here to cheer you on the entire way - You.Got.This.

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